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Football Officiating

Welcome to SVSOA Football Officiating. Here you can find training aids, and other information for the upcoming season.

2020-2021 Instructional Links


Please note for the above links to guide you correctly, you need to be already logged into your SVSOA ArbiterSports account.

2020-2021 Testing Links

2020-2021 CCS Misconduct/Incident Report

Use the CCS online forms for reporting misconduct/ ejections and incidents. These forms must be submitted by midnight on the day of the contest. Use the password "123" when submitting either an Ejection/Misconduct report (red selection) or an Incident Report (blue selection). You can access the CCS Misconduct/Incident Report by clicking here.

2020-2021 Crew Cards

Below are links to crew cards. They are able to be printed double sided.

Four Official Crew Card

Five Official Crew Card

Six Official Crew Card

Seven Official Crew Card

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